Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five Favorites: Fine! I will embrace Autumn.

Thank you to Heather for asking me to help out this week by hosting Five Favorites! And, welcome, to all of you who haven't been introduced to my brand of crazy!

We had a horrendous winter this past year, followed by a dismal spring and a very short summer. I feel shortchanged. 

Yes, I'm sulking. Whatever. 

Buuuuuuuut, because I don't like missing out, I'm ready to play nice and acknowledge Fall's arrival. (Also, it's a good lesson for the Mother Nature to learn: I can be just as fickle as she.)

So, here are my five favorite items for Autumn!

1) Pumpkin-all-the-things! Yes, I'm that girl. Truth be told, I would eat pumpkin-flavored anything all year round, but this is the time of year we get smacked in the face with all of it. And no one does it better --or more thoroughly-- than Trader Joe's. Here's my standard TJ pumpkin fave along with my new TJ pumpkin fave:

The bread is insanely good and I have never tasted another pumpkin bread that struck the correct balance of moist and dense without being gummy and heavy. 
The crackers are awesome, especially when paired with Brie cheese and an inexpensive Pinot Grigio. (Don't be jealous of my fanciness).

2) Break out the comfy slippers! These Isotoner slippers are my constant companions during Fall and Winter. They keep my piggies toasty without overheating. 

3) Holy Cow! Have you guys tried Kindle Unlimited? You should! They're running a free 30-day trial right now and it's awesome! My only problem is not remembering all books I have been wanting to read. I'm hopping over to WWRW to get a few more ideas. I know lots of people read beach/poolside, but my little guys still need a watchful eye, so my reading picks up when the weather turns colder and we play indoors more. 

4) Halloween!! I'm a Christmas Crazy girl married to a Happy Halloween boy, and his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. We are back to hosting our Halloween party this year and are adding in prizes for best costumes in various categories. I can't wait to see what people come up with! Enjoy some contenders from past years....
My brother and sister-in-law. Don't ask. Please.

The infamous Housewifespice and family as the Malfoys.

5) My firstborn is coming home! Fall also means Thanksgving and yesterday we booked Killian's flights for Thanksgiving weekend (a.k.a. Faith's birthday weekend). I can't wait to see my boy and feed him some non-cafeteria food! 

Now, please distract me from the thought of the Next Season That Must Not Be Named and link up your five favorites below!


  1. We love the TJs pumpkin! Two more that are staples in our house, if you haven't tried them yet - this pumpkin walks into a bar, and pumpkin spice granola cereal. I think the granola was new last year. So good!

    1. Ooooo! I was wondering about the bars. Now I have to try them!!! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for those TJ's recs. I'll have to try the pumpkin cranberry crisps - they sound delicious! And thanks for hosting!

  3. I have been thinking we should have a pumpkin ale tasting with sampler size glasses of a bunch of different brews. Some are pretty awful but I bet we could find a few good ones if we keep trying!

  4. I will join the five fav's later. Glad to be back in the world!

  5. i lovelovelovelovelove trader joe's!

    1. Holy cow, right?!? I could spend hours and thousands of dollars there!!!