Friday, April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Where Have I Been Hiding?

Joining last!

1) Lent was a real hoot this year. God seemed intent on having me focus on dying to self and offering up my tiny trials. Basically, I'm a real whiner

2) Among the normal colds and stomach flus, Will came down with pneumonia and a double ear infection. The poor little guy reverted to his clingy, baby ways and needed Mama all the time. Constantly. Really, I didn't feel badly about it while he was sick, but he kept it up after he was recovered and carrying a 26 pound toddler while you sweep or make dinner gets real old, real fast.

3) Well, I definitely managed to get rid of at least 40 bags this Lent, but I wasn't able to check off all 40 areas of my house  that I had listed. Then, the thought occurred to me, "hey! You don't have to stop because Lent is over!". Because I am a genius. So, yep, still cleaning and organizing. Here's one of my crowning achievements, so far:
Voila! The silverware drawer!

4) Along with St. Patrick's Day, March brought Spring observations and conferences for all my Montessori kids (Maeve, Jack, Eamon, and Faith). Truly, I love this. Getting to see them working in their classrooms and then comparing notes with their awesome teachers makes my heart happy.

5) Maeve was confirmed! She chose the name Joan for St. Joan of Arc. She loves St. Joan's strength of Faith and character. And that perfectly sums up our Maeve, too! 

6) A couple of weeks ago, most of us got to tag along with Kyle on one of his routine business trips to Indianapolis. We have a family pass to the Indianapolis Children's Museum there because it is truly very fun for all of us. If you ever get a chance to pop in there, plan on spending the day; it's 5 levels of fun for all ages!

7) Finally, a Happy Easter from our home to yours!