Thursday, September 26, 2013

Theme Thursday: Out

As in, he's finally out like a light!

It's been a long week over here; go see who else is out over at Cari's!

Friday, September 20, 2013

7 QTs: The Fast, The Furious, and The Faithful

:::crickets chirping::::

Yes, I'm still alive and linking up with Jen, you lucky ducks!

1) The South Beach Diet works, yo! I've lost 13 pounds, nearly 7 inches from my waist, and discovered a gluten intolerance in only 6.5 weeks! (I've always wanted to sound like an infomercial!) Now, if only it was noticeable to anyone except for me and my pants.....

2) Don't laugh, but I joined a beginning runners' class. I know, I know: put one front in front of the other. You can't tell me anything my teen sons haven't already declared loudly in my presence. But, for me, even signing up (the class starts on the 30th) is huge. I am hoping the motivation and tips will encourage someone who hates running as much as I do to keep going. I'm also hoping the weight loss speeds up even more. Kyle says I will surprise myself. Easy for a guy who doesn't need 2 sports bras, "running Spanx", and an inhaler just to do a quick 1 mile walk. 

4) Another freaking tree fell on our lake house!

That's 2 trees in 14 months! This time, at least, it was only the electric meter and front porch overhang that was damaged, but it still necessitates dragging in our bozo insurance company, loopy contractors, and lazy code inspectors. All in all, no one was hurt so I'm trying to be grateful and look on the bright side.

4) I hosted a Back to School Rosary this week and some really wonderful women came to pray with me, including Jessica! She brought these insanely delicious  mini-frittatas that Will (and everyone else!) scarfed up. I'm not one to tell someone what to blog about, but sharing that recipe would be the Christian thing to do. 

5) Maeve is visiting ("shadowing") various Catholic high schools this fall. Unlike her 2 older brothers, she is very sure that she wants to attend a single-sex school. I'm learning that girls make decisions much more quickly and matter-of-fact-ly than do boys. Well, at least that's how it's looking in our family. Kyle dropped her off at her most recent Shadow Day and lamented the fact that she "easily looked like one of the Freshman". Her high school career is going to be rough on both of them. 

6) We went apple picking last weekend and it was so much fun! Last year, most orchards weren't offering U-Pick due to crop shortages caused by the drought, so we missed out on this favorite family activity. We go to a really cool orchard that uses 1/4 less commercial pesticides, which makes eating a freshly picked apple that much tastier!

Plus, they have apple doughnuts, cider slushies, a hayride, corn maze, apple slingshot, petting zoo, and a big haystack to climb!
In 15 years, when these 3 start a band, this will be their album cover.

7) This last QT is a picture that I will save and show at Will's wedding. It perfectly highlights what happens when you are the 5th brother and your two teen brothers are left in charge of you:

Hasta la Vista! Ah'll be baaahck!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Theme Thursday: Recess

Linking up with the much bloggier Cari for Theme Thursday: Recess!

I only have one at home for "morning recess" time!