Monday, January 5, 2015


If you haven't already done so, please check out Jen Fulwiler's Saint's Name Generator and choose your patron saint for this year!

It's 2015! 
Happy New Year!! 
How is this possible?!?

It's true what they say about time speeding up as you grow older. In fact, I think that if you add in some kids, the trajectory increases. 
My Crazy Y2K Baby!

The fact that I can say things like "15 years ago, I was expecting our 3rd child." signifies that I am officially geriatric. Which means that I had ---FINALLY!-- better get my act together.

In fact, a couple of years ago I matured enough to stop poking fun at people who chose a word of the year for themselves and I asked the Holy Spirit ("HS") to help me focus on a word that would help me improve during the coming year. (Those of you who knew me in high school will have already passed out from the shock of this, so....thanks for reading!)

I, also, jumped on the bandwagon for Saint of the Year because who does NOT need some extra intercessors sitting at the Throne of God? Not this girl!

The Saint thing was made easy by using the Saint Generator. Last year, I received St. John Bosco on my first try, and that dude was PERFECT for my 2014. (He's probably taking a well-earned heavenly nap right now) My first result for 2015 was St. Guntramnus, the patron saint of divorced people and reformed murderers.
When I told Kyle he said "yeah. Choose another one.". 

So....St. Charles Borromeo is the lucky winner!! And, among other things, he's the patron saint of spiritual direction which is something I desperately need. It's also tricky to find a good spiritual director, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Moving on to the Word of 2015...

In past years, it was really hard to quiet my head and my heart enough to hear the whisperings of the HS. This past Advent, I spent a lot of time tuning out the "extra" noise and more time focused on preparing my heart and my home for the Infant. And, on the Third Day of Christmas, the HS gave to me: Beauty!

This one was loud and clear. I need to look for beauty --God's beauty-- in all things. His design is perfect and beautiful. It is just that my human imperfections make it very difficult to see a lot of the time.

Especially (gulp), the ways that God made me beautiful. Inside and out. In truth, that is the one aspect of this that scares me the most. But, it's not me trying alone. I am asking for God's help to try. And, as a very helpful priest told me the other day: His graces are there even if I fail in the trying.

So, what saints and/or words are part of your 2015? 
I'll pray for you. Will you please pray for me?