Friday, September 12, 2008


OK, I'll admit that Zumba class was actually a lot of fun. Painful, but fun.
So, while I'm recovering from my "healthy lifestyle", I thought I'd ask you, my dear readers, for ideas for future postings.

What would you like me to blog about?

Any burning questions you need answered?

Any hot topics that I haven't commented on yet?

Want my favorite meatloaf recipe?

Post a comment to this blog and let me know!

Also, click on the "Faithful Friends" link to the right...... I'm feeling neglected.



  1. i think you should blog about twilight.

    haha i don't know.....
    i'll think of something more serious & get back to you!!!!!!


  2. I was actually thinking that the twilight phenomenon was an interesting thing. Especially, the demographics re: readers.

  3. Here's one; "How did you get so lucky to have your sister marry such an awesome guy?" And what is this "twinight" the other Flogger is talking about? The Flogger, who will remain nameless, except for the sound she makes (MEOW!) should not be trusted!!! Just thought you'd like to know.

    Peace out!

  4. Sanity is a good one, Karen. But, since I haven't been able to keep mine, I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer that one. Of course, the title of this blog page may have tipped you off! ;-)
    I AM, however quite qualified to comment, at length, on the many methods used to re-gain sanity!

  5. Dear Beating Dolphins,

    My sister married an awesome guy??? Where was I when this happened???