Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's Your Baby-Mama?

Bet you thought I was talking about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.
Maybe Jerry Springer or Maury?
Wrong again!

Lately, when I hear the words, "baby-mama", a much different thought pops into my head. My nearly-16 month-old son has a fairly good vocabulary (doesn't walk yet, but he sure can tell us what he wants!). For the past couple weeks I have been enjoying his efforts to repeat the words he hears: "Nuh-Nana" for Banana, "Ming" for Swimming, "Mo-Uck" for his combination of a loud motor and a truck, "Hi Baby!" (this one is really clear and totally hilarious when he says it to strangers!).
He's getting to the point where he's willing to try more difficult sounds and even some short sentences, so yesterday I thought I'd try something sweet and meaningful: "I Love You".

Mom: "Hey, Buddy.... I LOVE YOU."

Baby Boy, nestling his head on my shoulder: "Baby-Mama."

Mom, a little more pointedly: "Sweetie, I LOVE YOU."

Baby Boy: "Baby-Mama!"

Mom: "I LOVE YOU. Now YOU say it!"

Baby Boy, snuggling close and smiling: "BABY-MAMA!"

And, then something clicked. Not for my son, but for me: "Baby-Mama" is the absolute best way he can think of to express what love means to him.

"Mama" was the first "home" that "Baby" was ever aware of, his safe nest. "Mama" was "Baby's" source of warmth, nourishment, and comfort before he was born and even now.

"Mama's" eyes are the eyes that "Baby" gazes into while he nurses.

"Mama's" hands are the hands that give "Baby" his favorite snacks and toys.

"Mama's" voice sings "Baby's" favorite song, "Baby Beluga", when he is tired or bored.

"Mama's" arms cuddle "Baby" to sleep at night.

Without words, from the time my son was aware of his existence, he learned what love meant from his mother. We all did.

What an awesome compliment my small child paid me yesterday. What a tremendously joyful obligation, as well.

What better way for my son to tell me he loved me, how much he loved me by saying these two simple words together: Baby-Mama.

So, why don't you call your Mama, and tell her, in your very special way: "Baby-Mama". She'll know just what you mean!

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  1. This is so sweet, MK! I'm so happy to be reading these older posts :)