Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hello Weight Watchers!

Well, I'm back with Weight Watchers.... again. This time, to jazz things up a bit, I'm doing the online version. Almost 3 full days into it, and I am feeling pretty good.

I've done Weight Watchers before. Several times before. The first time was when my 3rd child was 13 months old and I lost 50+ pounds. (I was still losing the weight 7 months later when I became pregnant with my 4th child.) I found that I liked the whole Weight Watchers philosophy much more than I thought I would. I liked the Points program that they offer. I was amazed at how much more energetic I felt just from eating the right foods. I felt better about myself; more positive, more empowered. Overall, it was a really great experience. Of course, that was when I was still in my 20s and I had no idea that my metabolism was biding it's time until my 30th birthday, when it would magically come to a screeching halt. Apparently, once you're past 30, your days of dropping 12 pounds in one week are gone.

When my 4th child was 3 months old I returned to WW with high hopes and high expectations. My experience was absolutely depressing. My reason for joining the first time was based mostly on real concern for my health, so that was my motivation. My reason for joining the second time was only out of vanity. One month into it, I walked away very frustrated and only 1 pound lighter.

My 3rd foray into WW World was only 7 weeks after my 5th child was stillborn. Suffice to say, I was looking for some kind of control over something. I was moderately successful and lost 12 pounds before I became pregnant with my 6th child.

So, that brings me to today. As I get older, I am beginning to have some real (and valid) health concerns, and I need to get my eating/exercising under control. Weight Watchers gives me a gameplan (the online version REALLY dummies it down for me!) to follow, so I can basically live my normal life, with just a few adjustments.

Am I looking to drop pounds? You bet.
Am I hoping to look better? Oh yeah.

But, these are all beneficial "side effects" of this program. First, and foremost, I am trying to make sure that my kids will have a healthy mom to take care of them and their kids (in the far, far future!). Secondly, I want to teach my kids that food doesn't own you; you make the decision how, what, and when to eat food. Thirdly, I want to feel that sense of control over my life and the empowerment that comes along with that. This does not mean that I control everything about my life (that's not even possible!), it merely means that I control some basic impulses instead of them controlling me.

I'm also doing a DVD workout that gives me a 12 minute workout everyday. Totally doable. I'd be ashamed if I couldn't fit that in!

Today, I'm using this blog as another way of holding me accountable. Periodically, I'll update with my progress, and I hope that all of you periodically ASK ME how I'm doing! Deal?

I'm actually really excited about starting a new year with a new plan, which is a recent improvement to my overall mood of late (just ask my kids!).

I'm also trying to forget that 1/2 pound box of chocolates hidden in my freezer. Oh well........


  1. Hey, I'm a WW'er too! I didn't start with them until after all my kiddos were here, and the baby was nearly weaned (at 14 months). I lost my 35+ pounds and have happily maintained for over a year now. Well, I am up a little so I started back to weekly meetings this week to get back on top of it. I look forward to checking in with you and your progress too.

    My WW blog is http://anothermamaww.blogspot.com check in with me there!

  2. Yay! This will be even more fun now! And, good for you on the 35lbs!!! And maintaining?? That's AWESOME!