Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here We Go, AGAIN!

Yes, I realize it has been a little while since I have posted anything. Morning sickness and overwhelming exhaustion tends to slow a person down a bit!

You read that correctly: we are very happily expecting a new baby! Our "Latest Addition" will be arriving some time in early-to-mid December 2009, so Merry Christmas to us!

We have just started to tell people, and here are some of the reactions/comments we have received, so far:

"Congratulations! Wait, was this planned?" (This was from the nurse at the OB's office)



"Are you kidding?"

"I'm just trying to picture having another sister..." (This was from our 11-year-old-son, and, no we don't know the gender of the baby, yet. He has only ONE living sister, but 3 brothers. He's a "panicker"!)

"Wait, how do you know? Who told YOU?" (This was from our 6-year-old son.)

"Well, thanks for the birthday present!" (Also from our 6-year-old, who's birthday is Dec. 23!)


Based on past experience (just a little), I know that as my belly grows, the comments get more interesting. Take this classic exchange for example...

"Is this your first baby?"
"Well, no, it's my 7th."
"Did you say 2nd?"
"Oh, Honey, you've got your hands full!"
"Well, technically, until the baby's born, it's just my belly that is full."

Do I grow weary of the constant barrage of comments, questions, and "advice"? Well, doesn't EVERY pregnant woman, whether it's her first or fifteenth baby, get tired of that kind of thing?

It's a weird phenomenon, is it not?

What I mean is this: you never see people asking to touch a really obese person's stomach, but they sure love to lay hands on a pregnant lady's personage. And, most (not all!) people are somewhat reluctant to offer up nutritional advice to the person standing next to them in the checkout line, but pregnant women often hear what they should/should not be eating from perfect strangers. Do not even get me started on people sharing their horrific birthing stories with a pregnant woman, all in the name of "education" ("I just wish somebody had told me how bad it hurts when I was pregnant!" Yes, I'm sure that would have prepared you for childbirth.)

All in all, I enjoy every aspect of pregnancy..... Well, I am trying to enjoy them all, as I never know if this will be my last baby and, after losing babies, I really try to focus on loving the baby and remembering every detail of the pregnancy because regret is a lonely feeling to have to endure. Also, my children are my greatest "accomplishments", most valuable treasures, and biggest blessings, so I am overwhelmed with joy that my husband and I have been chosen to receive another Gift!

My husband, myself, and our children are very excited for the future and all that it holds. We ask that you share in our excitement and add to our prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby!