Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grateful Heart

Feeling grumpy today, so I thought I would do 2 things to cheer myself up: (a) think of ten things for which I am grateful, and (b) LIST THEM!

Without further ado, I am grateful for...

10) The Internet. Over the last 12 years I have been able to learn more about the world, people I love, and myself because the Internet allows for easy and inexpensive communication. It can be my #1 time-waster, but as long as I'm careful about that, it makes my life richer.

9) The Montessori Method. The Secret of Childhood has been revealed to me, my husband, and our children through Maria Montessori's love for God and children and her method of education. I spend a lot less days wallowing in Mommy-Guilt because my children attend the best Montessori school around!

8) Attachment Parenting (or whatever "they" are calling it these days!). Again, another reason my visits to the Land of Mommy-Guilt are few and far-between. I like to say that we are raising our children with no (OK, few?) regrets.

7) A roof over my family's head. There are so very many families who do not have a real home or a home in a safe place. I can get too caught up in the worry of what is lacking in my home (i.e. not enough space, scuffed floors, etc) instead of seeing the beauty that it contains (my husband and our children).

6) Food, water, heat, and electricity. (Yes, I am lumping "the basic needs" together. Gotta problem with that? Fine, I'll throw in sunshine, as well!) I am blessed to live in a country that makes it comparatively easy to have access to all of these things on a consistent basis.

5)  Coffee. Have I mentioned that I have six kids? This is the fuel that enables me to keep my head above water. This is the numero uno item on every shopping list. Every morning, the first thing that I think of after my feet hit the floor is, "Keurig. Half-and-half. Splenda.". Not kidding. Even a little bit.

4) My car. Yes, this is materialistic, I can't help it. I heart my Chevy Suburban, with leather seats, remote start, and exactly enough seats for all the behinds in this crazy family.

3) My Treasures on Earth and in Heaven, my children. As one of our parish priests once told me, each child is an "account" you open in Heaven; the children you have on earth are mainly "deposit only", but the "accounts" in Heaven are full of graces that are to be withdrawn as soon as you ask! I will never do or have anything in this life that will equal to raising my kids. I am so very proud of all of them!

2) My Beloved. No sarcasm. My husband is my Beloved in every way. I am deeply, madly in love with this man. He is my best friend. We have been in love for almost 20 years, and married for nearly 17 of those years. Every year that passes brings us to a deeper, truer, more understanding and sacrificial love for each other. And, if he ticks me off after I write this, his dinner will be served in the alley behind our home. Kidding. No, I'm not.

1) My God. I was blessed to be born a Catholic and raised in a devoutly Catholic family. My Faith has saved me in more ways than I care to remember, or will ever know about, perhaps. God loves me and blesses me every minute of every day, even when I know He's laughing at my temper tantrums. (Yes, I still have those. I'm Irish. I was born with red hair.) I know that I would not even have the luxury of complaining about my blessings without the grace of God.

What are the things for which you are most grateful today?


  1. MK, I'm grateful for you and this post. You have brought me back from the mom-mire and have asked me to be grateful. Thanks, you crazy mom.

  2. Thank you, but it all came from some real grumpy behavior that I am not too proud of right now. We all need the support and the boost, don't we? Thanks to YOU!!

  3. Very well said. Thank you!

    M&R from Michigan

  4. Why aren't you thankful for your brothers?

  5. That's a subject for another post. Mwaaa-haa-haa!