Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musings: Downton Edition

Linking up with Jen for her 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge! (I'm so brave!)

Whew! The season is OVER?! Already?!

Though, what started off as a less-than-exciting season certainly ended very well, in my opinion. 

Well, on to the musings part of our program:

- Edith: what beautiful, sacrificial love!      
  Not only did she decide against the 
  abortion, but she carried her baby to 
  term, breastfed her for a couple of
  months (cannot imagine doing this 
  knowing I was giving the baby away!), 
  and then handed her over to the 
  adoptive parents. And, all without the 
  knowledge or support of her parents
  and sister. Which brings me to...

- How can they not know?? I realize 
  times were different, but your adult 
  daughter -- who is already dealing with 
  the tragic disappearance of her   
  potential fiancĂ© -- travels to Switzerland 
  for eight months and returns 
  obviously physically and emotionally 
  drained, and you barely do more than 
  ask "are you alright?"?? (Do I win an 
  award for longest run-on sentence?)
  The Mama Bear in me was grinning 
  like a fool when Edith and the tenant
  farmer came to such a wonderful 
  agreement about her "secret" and...
  the baby is coming home!!!!!

- Speaking of which, where the   
  heck were the babies?? I want
  to see way more of Sybbie and Baby 

- Rose, don't go away mad...just 

- Thomas, I don't even love to
  hate you anymore. "Naner-naner-
  boo-boo! I tattled again!". Dude, if you
  had blond, curly ponytails and lisp, you
  would be the youngest daughter of a
  lovely lady.

- Bates, Bates, Bates.... I'm not even 
  falling for the "did he/didn't he?" plot 
  here (he did. Duh.). More interesting is
  the surrounding moral issues faced by 
  Mrs. Hughes and Lady Mary. While I 
  can understand both points of view, 
  I think Mary had it right when she 
  states that it doesn't matter if the bad
  guy was eliminated, a life was still
  purposely taken and that is wrong. 
  And, then, she goes and stays true 
  to her first love (family pride) and burns
  the evidence all because Batesy is 
  loyal to the family. Hmmmmm.

- DOWAGER! 1) I despise Shirley  
   MacClaine and she's a crappy 
   actor, so, 2) it's so satisfying to 
   see her trounced by the Dowager's
   classy one-liners and Dame Maggie
   Smith's superb acting skills. Suck 
   it, Triangle Head!

- The finale. How sweet was that? 
  I loved seeing the staff relaxing at the
  beach and enjoying their break. Even 
  more, I was tickled pink to see Carson
  and Mrs. Hughes wade hand in hand 
  into the ocean. So sweet!

So, what are your thoughts??


  1. Lady Mary is a vampire. Also, I can.not. believe that sisters would treat each other the way Mary treats Edith after all they've been through. Yes, Edith sent the note to the press in season one. Was she like 15 or 16 years old? Does Mary have no forgiveness in her? What Mary said to her on her wedding day, what Mary said to her last night?!? Grow up, Mary. Edith is not your enemy. She is your only surviving sister. Someone is not making peace before approaching the altar and won't be entering the kingdom of heaven...not that vampires can get in anyway.

    1. I agree. As sisters go, this isn't a very realistic representation of sisterhood. Even a strained sisterhood. Also, I didn't understand the meaning behind Edith's comment to Tom: "how I miss Matthew...". Huh?

  2. I think part of it may be that when Matthew was alive (and married to Mary), Mary was a better person. She was softer, kinder and not *so* harsh to Edith. But, I also agree that Mary was a vampire.

    And Edith's decisious breaks my heart. I definitely think she should have confessed to her parents and kept the baby at Downton. I mean, I know in those days, things were different, but this IS her child. And, to give it away and then give it away AGAIN to a different family seems horrible. Can you imagine being the family in Geneva losing their baby? Ugh. It just seems as though all of Edith's decisions (other than the decision to not abort) came out of fear and none of them were what is best for Edith OR her baby. I

    1. Those are awesome points! And, I feel like Rosamund tried to point out the unfairness to the adoptive couple, but Edith wouldn't listen. Can you imagine what this poor baby must be going through?? But, I do think that, given the era and the family's stature, what Edith did was pretty amazing. I don't know why, but the part about her nursing the baby for a few months really got to me.

  3. I have not seen much of this season as my wife makes me keep the kids quiet in the basement on Sunday evenings.

  4. Haha!! ^^Kyle's response kills me! My husband pays for it on Amazon so we can watch it together (shhh...he won't admit it!). Granted, our PBS reception is sketchy.

  5. By the way, you have a beautiful family, Mary Kate! :)

    1. Thank you! I like them, too, but I'm biased. ;)