Thursday, August 21, 2014

Theme Thursday: Google Me

Cari chose today's theme to prove that my name is as common as my face...

Kidding. (Right, Cari? You didn't, did you?)

Anyway, I googled my name, clicked "images" and got this:

Nope. Not me. And, no offense Other Mary Kate Dempsey, but I don't want to look like you.

A few more pics and I got this:

Strike dos. Although, I would love to have a room that looks like this.....once the kids are grown and moved out and bring the grandkids dressed in hazmat suits. 

Soooo, where the hel-eck-eck-HECK am I? 

There I is!! 

8 pictures down. I'm so famous.

And, for the promised bonus points, here is the screen shot:

(As you can imagine, googling my name
also elicits a lot of Olsen Twins images. I liked Full House, so I will forgive Mary-Kate Olsen's use of a hyphen, but Ashley? As my husband says, "she's a no-talent hack.".)

Happy googling!!!


  1. haha this post made me laugh! But, then I googled my name...and was disturbed that pictures of me popped up right away. It didn't made me feel famous, it just made me want to change my name ;)

    1. Oh no!!!! Isn't the internet a weird thing, though?

  2. Ashley Olsen is a no-talent hack, riding the coat tails of her immensely talented sister to stardom! I am firmly in camp Mary-Kate.

  3. Ashley Olsen is a no-talent hack, riding the coat tails of her sister to stardom.