Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12 in 2014!

Linking up with that genius, Dwija for 12 pictures of our 2014!

January brought a trip to Florida for Killian, Will, and I so Killian could check out a possible transfer to Ave Maria University.
They convinced him.

February brought more of the Polar Vortex in all it's beauty and strength. Some of us enjoyed it a little more than others.

March was the month that brought a late birthday celebration for Kyle's 40th on Will's 2nd birthday (March 1st is your birthday when you are a Leap Day baby!). We all made the trek up to the Wisconsin Dells for a night at the waterparks!

April was still chilly and snowy (!) but a late Easter meant that some of us could wear our Easter Bonnets with more springlike apparel.

May was the month that Mother Nature finally decided to play nice and we found a fun little splash pad at our wonderful zoo!

June brought about another big change in our family: Maeve graduated 8th grade.

July was slower and lazier than usual, as Kyle had to take off some time to help me recuperate from my hernia surgery. But, that meant lots of fun excursions for him and the kids. I did get to tag along on a day-trip to the beach where we met up with Kyle's oldest sister, her husband, and 7 of their 8 kids. Will was very pleased to get some extra attention from his cousins!

August was a huge month of flux. Joe started back to school as a junior and Maeve began her freshman year. At the end of the month, Kyle, the 4 youngest kids, and I made the 20 hour drive down to Naples, Florida to drop off Killian and most of his worldly possessions. Saying goodbye was hard, but it really felt like Killian was making a step in a new and great direction.

September was the month that, for the first time ever, all seven of our kids were enrolled in school! Will began attending the Toddler Program at our beloved Montessori school for 2 mornings each week. He hasn't looked back!

October was the month (along with September and November!) that Kyle and Joe ran a weekly basketball camp for the 2nd through 8th grades at the same Montessori school. Jack and Eamon both attended and it was awesome to see the fun and learning take off for all of the campers!

November brought us Thanksgiving and a joyous reunion with Killian. We tried to pose the kids for a Christmas card picture. They had other ideas. 

December has been hectic and filled with various illnesses, but the joy and love that overflows amongst us during this time of year far outweighs any inconveniences! And miracles do occur! Look at this before and after from Christmas Day:

Wishing you a most blessed and peaceful 2015!!!


  1. Yay! I love all these photos and looking back over your year. Plus, you're making me cry with your baby all the way down in Florida. I'm going to be a mess when mine move away.

    1. And another looking to go off to Ave or UD in 18 mos!! It's like once the first one goes, someone hits fast forward. Wahhhhh!

  2. There has never been a better winter to go to Florida. NEVER.

    1. If only I had convinced us all of that!!!