Friday, June 19, 2015

7 Quick Takes: A Jumble

Linking up with Kelly for 7 very jumbled quick takes today...

1) Monday, I took 5 of the kids with me to Michigan while Kyle and 2 of our gainfully-employed offspring stayed at home. Where they got nearly an inch of rain in 24 MINUTES. 

After 3 days of steady rainfall.

It was record-breaking.

The storm sewers couldn't keep up, streets flooded massively, and drained into basements.
Specifically, OUR basement.

Kyle, Joe, and Maeve spent all of that night pumping out water and trying to furniture off the floor.

2) But, they worked quickly: no furniture was lost, the water was kept to only a couple of inches, and they cleaned and sanitized everything. Truly, it was nothing short of miraculous and I feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful husband and awesome kids!

3) Meanwhile, I met up with Dwija for a lightning-fast shopping trip to Hobby Lobby where this happened:
We are never NOT mature when we hang out together. 

4) Those of us in Michigan spent all of Tuesday swimming, playing Bags, shooting bows and arrows, and eating. Then, we all passed out.

5) We came home on Wednesday evening and Kyle saved the day (again!!) by bringing home pizza for dinner!!! 

6) Yesterday was our 21st wedding anniversary! We had decided to keep it low-key and it ended up being exactly what we needed. Every Thursday, there are free concerts in Millennium Park's Jay Priztker Pavilion...
After listening to some very cool artists called Mother Falcon, we strolled over to The Bean (a.k.a. Cloudgate)....

And, then on to dinner at the Park Grill. 

The weather was a 75 and breezy. The music was fun. The setting was world-class. The food was delicious. And, the company was my most favorite person in the world. 
Happy Anniversary, sweetie!!! I love you forever!!

7) Our realtor for the lake house is hosting an Open House there this Sunday from 1-3PM. The house next door to ours is also up for sale and having an open house, so it's the perfect  way to see 2 great properties all in one day. Please spread the word and, if you're anywhere in the Midwest, consider making a day of it and check out our awesome lake!!(


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