Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most Hated Kids' Shows

Grabbing a button AND a great idea from Mary Lauren at My 3 Little Birds!!

As I have been a parent (and apparently a pretty lazy parent!) for almost 16 years, I have been subjected to many, many hours of truly nauseating children's (for the sake of brevity, we will limit this to pre-school age shows) programming. Listen, I'm not defending my choices, but I've been pregnant NINE times, so that counts for about 27 months of horrendous morning sickness and debilitating exhaustion all while watching young children. Hello! TV was my only friend!

Over those years, there have been a few shows which I have truly loved: Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Arthur, Wallace & Gromit,  and Raffi. However, there are a LOT of shows which qualify as "mediocre at best" and "jaw-droppingly awful". But the Mother of all truly horrendous childrens' shows has GOT to be... BOOBAH.
Go ahead, watch the intro.
Remember, this is just the INTRO to the show.
There is 30 whole minutes of that crapola AFTER that......
Are you back? Are you blind? Do you want to be?
If you were a child, would you be insulted that someone thought you were stupid enough to be entertained by that? As a former child and mother of current children, I am beyond offended. Shocked, sickened, discouraged, angry.... all those emotions come to mind when I am forced to look at this.

Fortunately for me, my children took one look at this show and ran crying and screaming from the TV. Now, if only I could get them to do that when this dude comes on the air.


  1. I love Mr. Rogers. What a wonderful human being he was.

  2. It's creepily psychedelic, it really is. Atrocious!

    I'm still trying to pick the worst. It's hard.

  3. Mr. Rogers really was a gem. My brother went to school with a boy who had Mr. Rogers as a godfather. Very cool.
    And, as for choosing the worst... DH asked me how I could possibly pick only 1! Of course, he's even snarkier than I am! lol

  4. Never heard of boobah! But, the other ones you listed are good. All my kids have loved Arthur. And, all my kids love spongebob--I have to admit that I think it's funny too. My little ones now are really like dora and diego--they or ok--not that great, but not that bad.
    TV has been my friend just like you--sometimes I really need it!

  5. My 3 year old thinks that the only children's shows that are on TV are the recorded ones on the "list" on directv. Eliminates the issue of bad shows and I only record the tolerable ones. Actually, one of the tolerable ones (Little Einsteins) was watched so many times during my last pregnancy that the intro music now makes me nauseated since I was often kneeling in the bathroom while it was on. LOL