Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What Makes You So Sure?

*I have 6 children, so I must be a fertility goddess. What makes you so sure?

*Having 6 kids means that I have easy pregnancies and uncomplicated births. What makes you so sure?

*My 6 kids are all healthy, so I must have never experienced loss. What makes you so sure?

*Being able to raise 6 kids means that we are wealthy. What makes you so sure?

*Having 6 kids means that your house is a mess all the time. What makes you so sure?

*My kids attend a Montessori grade school, so we must be new-age weirdos who aren't that interested in education. What makes you so sure?

*My mother is the administrator of my kids' grade school, so that must mean I know everything that goes on there and my kids get a "free ride". What makes you so sure?

*I'm overweight, so I don't eat healthy foods or exercise. What makes you so sure?

*Being a Catholic only means you have to be good person; the "rules" are optional. What makes you so sure?

*I will tell you the truth even if it means I disagree with you or it makes you "feel bad", so I must be an insensitive and intolerant jerk. What makes you so sure?

I smile a lot and always make jokes, so it's OK if you dismiss me or take me lightly. What makes you so sure?

*I am a stay-at-home mom, so I am available to do all of the volunteer jobs at school/church because I have so much more free time than working moms. What makes you so sure?

*I have a passel of children, I don't work, I practice my faith, and I like to make my own decisions regarding my health and the health of my kids, so I must be an ignorant Bible-thumper who bases all her decisions on religion and emotion. What makes you so sure?

I fit the particular mold of who you think I am, so you can assume a lot facts about me and treat me accordingly. WHAT MAKES YOU SO SURE?

*The above statements are ALL actual statements/questions that have been spoken to me by other people and, usually, on more than one occasion. 


  1. Preach it, Mary Kate! It's very interesting the way people naturally want to pidgeon-hole or stereotype people. I guess it makes it easier to organize and categorize us. Too bad we're humans and not recipes... ;)

  2. Thanks, Dweej! I have seen this for years and it really chaps my hide. It's really just a form of (get ready! I'm gonna use *that* word) prejudice. Which stems from ignorance. I try to keep that in mind, so my Catholic upbringing usually takes over and I don't get my feelings hurt or carry a grudge.
    You're very right that, as humans, we all try to pigeon-hole people. I just which people would really try to overcome that tendency, and see that the best thing of all is another person's ability to surprise us with WHO they are!

  3. Great post!! It's terrible that some people ask/comment about subjects that they would be mortified if someone asked/commented to them.(does that make sense?)
    The worst part of it is when these things are said right in front of little ears--I hope they were not in your case.

  4. Thanks, CCC! I absolutely agree with you and I am sorry to report that most of those comments *have* been made in front of my children. Makes me even more worried when I see how the older kids are beginning to feel the pull of society's influence even more. :(