Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Happened Again (Or, "Why I Love Revolving Doors!")

It's fortunate that the title of my blog is also a disclaimer. That way, anyone can read these posts and say, "Well, she told us UP FRONT that she is crazy.....". So, I guess most of you won't be completely shocked when I write these next words:

"I am pregnant!"

Or, these:

"And, really excited about it!"

Yes, this pregnancy is fraught with many risks (for baby and for me). So is life. Anything AT ALL could happen to any one of us on any given day. Risk is a part of living. Truly living. So is joy.

Right now, our joy at receiving this wonderful gift from God far (FAR!) outweighs any fear of "what could happen".

We are aware of the risks.

We accept them.

Even more, we accept that God is in charge of ALL of it and we ask Him to help us. In that respect, this pregnancy is exactly like all of our other pregnancies.

How could we not rejoice at this incredible blessing that we have been given? We already have been blessed with so much, and here is one more awesome gift!

Kyle and I haven't stopped smiling since we found out.

Would you please join us in sharing our incredible joy, wonderment, and prayers for a healthy baby?

"St. Gianna and St. Luke, Pray for Us!"*

*At the beginning of every pregnancy, Kyle & I try to choose 1 male and 1 female patron saint to be our special intercessors; more often that not, one of those patrons gets a namesake out of the deal!


  1. Yay, yay, happy day! I am so, so happy for you and your family. Congratulations a million times!

  2. Congratulations!!! So excited for you!

  3. Thanks Dweej and Maria!! It's nice to be able to spread the happy news and have it received so well! :)

  4. Oh my!! I am so so happy for you! I will rejoice with you and pray for you!
    I love the idea of picking out a female and male saint as special intercessors--I am going to steal that idea from you for me next time.

  5. Thanks, Christina! I very, VERY much appreciate the prayers and the rejoicing! You go right ahead and steal that idea because I have a pretty good feeling you'll be needing it soon! (Will you let me know who you choose, so I can "bother" them?)

  6. Congratulations 1000 times over! I LOVE announcements like that!
    (And please email me...I would love that pumpkin cookie recipe and now I have another question for you! slt3969 at gmail dot com.

  7. Thanks, Sarah!! Recipe is on it's way!!