Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hey everybody!!!

Cari, over at Clan Donaldson, had theeeeee BEST idea! She is holding an online fundraiser to help our very good buddy, Dwija (HouseUnseen), get a working laundry room!

If you haven't been following Dwija's story, here are a couple of examples of what she is going through right now and of how beautifully she deals with the stress and heartache.

I have personally met Dwija and her beautiful family, and if you think you would like her based on her writing, ten you are wrong: you would DEFINITELY LOVE her! She comes across as genuine and loving and beautiful in her posts because that is exactly who she is in real life!

Please, go to Cari's blog and give anything you can to help out the Borobias. I can tell you from experience that the laundry of 5 (and 6 and 7!) kids is overwhelming when you have a working washer and dryer, hot water, and no leaky valves. I really cannot imagine doing it the way Dwija does, and all while she is supposed to be resting to keep Baby Borobia safe. Please, will you help?

Feel free to share this with a lot of people, too!!!

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