Friday, December 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Catching up & Christmas

Joining Jen for some quick takes this week....

1) Last week, our furnace broke.


    While Kyle was out of town.
   In the middle of a crazy cold-snap (windchills of -25 degrees).
This is pretty much what the entire family did for 3 days. Brrrrrr....
 Fortunately, we have a couple of emergency space heaters and my brother "has a furnace guy". Two days, three major parts, and $1000 later, we are fully heated again! Merry Christmas to us!

Thanks to Cari Donaldson for mocking up this awesome graphic for me at a moment's notice!!!
Sometime back in January, Kyle realized that he hadn't yet eaten any McDonald's food in 2013, and so he decided to make this "Kyle's Year Without McDonalds". I'm sheepishly proud to report that with 11 days left before 2014, his goal is within reach. Being that Kyle is extremely "frugal" and that McDonald's food isn't that appetizing, I don't think he struggled a lot with this endeavor. But, Shamrock Shakes are his favorite milkshake and March was a sacrifice for him. Won't you all join me in congratulating Kyle on sticking to The Man (in this case, Ray Kroc?)?? He's planning on breaking his fast with a McRib. Help.

3) This past summer, we gifted  our 25 year old pontoon boat with a motor that actually functions. Our boat guy (who lives across the lake from our lake house) had not been able to contain his delight every time he saw us broken down on the lake -- he knew we'd break down eventually and buy that new motor. So, when Kyle, Killian, and Joe arrived to pick up the boat after the motor was installed, he took their picture and put it into his latest newsletter. 

Kyle wants it framed and hung up in the lakehouse. Also, Maeve will only refer to Killian and Joe as "and sons".

4) As of tonight at 6pm, every member of the family will be on Christmas Break! Besides trips to the zoo to sing Christmas carols to the polar bears (for real!), we also have frantic birthday (Jack!) and Christmas gift wrapping, baking, and celebrating to do! As expensive and hectic as this season can be, it still remains my favorite time of year. 
This is pretty much how it is 24/7 during Christmas Break.

5) Oh! Tonight is the 2nd Annual Elf Live-Tweet Event hosted by the mashup of Dwija and Cari! Just begin watching Elf  (DVD, AmazonPrime streaming, etc) and search #clanunseen on Twitter beginning at 8pm CDT! It's a fun family event! (Until Cari starts in with the language... "Son of a nutcracker!")

6) This week, I took this quiz to determine what magical Tolkien creature I be (arrrrgh). First result: "boring" Human.
THIS is BORING?! I don't think so, Zimbio!
Second result: "greedy" Dwarf.
I got nothing....

Perhaps you'll have better luck.

7) From our home to yours, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a peaceful 2014!


  1. I love your family so hard. And Faith? Can I have her?

    1. Much like her mother, she can be a lot of fun....and a LOT of trouble. ;)

  2. Just change all your answers to be food related and you can be a hobbit like me!

    Also, furnace guys, boat guys, you guys know everyone!

    1. I really wish I didn't know those guys..... Or, rather, my bank account wishes I didn't. ;)

      Also, should I be worried that 2 of my progeny got "Orc" as their answers?

  3. Congratulations to Kyle on being mentioned in 2 of your 7 quick takes! A full year without McDonalds is quite an accomplishment. No Fish Filets; how did he survive Lent? We are very proud of him.

  4. I want to be just like you when I grow up! *Hero!!*
    Your baby is the cutest!!! So precious! Ok, mine win first, but yours is a 1.5. ;)
    Hooray for boating! We totally look forward to that one day! Right now...hahahahaha...yea, we would just all be jumping in after the toddlers - seasons of life, so fun! :D
    HOO-RAY for no McDonalds!! That's really really awesome! A little not-awesome is that I missed the ELF party!!! BUT it was at home date night with the hubby, so scratch the not-awesome! hehe!
    A very very Merry Christmas to you - and what a wonderful look for the blog!

    1. Ha! Only people who don't have to love with me say that!! But, thank you!!

  5. Oh my goodness! Have you seen the show Dog With A Blog? I think it may be on thee Disney Channel.