Friday, February 22, 2013

7 QTs! Look at this girl go!

1) Boooo-YAH! I'm joining in the Quick Takes fun for the first time! Let's all take a moment of silence to appreciate my first FIRST Quick Take evah!
::::cue crickets chirping::::

2) If the pictures don't match up with QT, you can blame Blogger and it's moronic, useless app. What up, Blogger? Y U no make a more better product???

3) I had fully intended to join in Cari's Theme Thursday yesterday (Architecture!) and I took some nice pics of the interesting architectural features of our Chicago-style bungalow on my big girl camera. My plan was to upload them to my husband's laptop, pretty them up, and post. However, God decided that His plans of dealing with a very tired 3 year old, a teething baby, and a couple of teens that needed some heart-to-hearts was much more important. He always wins, doesn't He?

4) I recently checked out these books from la bibliotheca, because I feel like I need a jump start on my weight loss journey. So far, interesting reads, but not sure how many different approaches I can incorporate without imploding the whole venture! Hey! Implosion may actually work! For all my #pray2lose peeps, I'm down 1.7lbs this week but I have no idea what/if I did differently. Hence, my continued quest.

5) A little bitty of a snowstorm hit us last night (3 inches? Borrrrring!), but it covered the old Christmas wreath and Christmas tree stand that have been SITTING ON MY PORCH SINCE THE EPIPHANY quite nicely.

6) Sorry, that last QT was for my beloved. He is a contemplative, so he has this awesome ability to walk (and shovel around!) past things multiple times without noticing them. The upside is that he's usually contemplating how much he loves me, so I forgive him. (Honey, seriously, please get that stuff off of our front porch?)

7) You know why I need the front porch prettied-up? Because we are celebrating Will's 1st Birthday tomorrow!!!!! As the kids keep reminding him, since he was born on February 29th, he has "no real birthday this year", so BIG par-TAY tomorrow and a sweet family dinner on March 1st. It's been a really rough and wonderful year, and I just want to savor my Sweet William and all his amazing growth and his many accomplishments! We are so blessed. We love you so very much, William Luke -- our own Leap Day William!

Mosey on over to Jen for more experienced QTs!


  1. Blogger's app is a pile of horse dung. Truly.

    Happy birthday, Lum lum! We love you!

    1. He loves you guys, too!!

      And, just think how prolific a blogger I would be if their app actually worked?! Blogger is The Man and he's keeping me down!

  2. One already? Wow! Read the perfect health diet, a totally different way of eating and losing weight.

    1. Ooooo! Imma check that one out, Colleen! Thanks!

      Also, side note for your future: your 17yr old son may be a tad bit embarrassed if you send him to the library to pick up your books on hold and the top title is "Yeast Connection". I was informed that I could find someone else to do my library chores next time....

  3. Welcome to the Quick Takes gang! :D

    Blogger's app is awful! I hate it!

    Happy 1st birthday Will! :D

    1. Thanks!!!!!

      I really am beginning to believe that they make the app lousy on purpose. ;)

  4. I've never used the app! Glad I haven't bothered.

    Your cutie is too much. Happy birthday, big boy! Oh, and please keep us up to date on those books. I'm in need to a shift.

    1. Thanks!!!
      So far, all I know is that the checklist/test in the beginning of the Yeast book seems (to me) to be set up so that very few people would score low enough so as not to need to read the rest of the book. :/

  5. Go, MK!!!
    Hope you had a fabulous bday celebration for your sweet boy. Good luck on the book journey, looking forward to seeing via Twitter (post Lent of course) what you gained in knowledge. It always boils down to move more, eat less.....but I think some people just respond more quickly to different plans. bottom line, it has to work for YOU and your family otherwise it's an exercise in frustration. My GP swears by low carb, it works for her.....not so much for me...I need balance. too much blabbering.....miss you on Twitter! Blessings