Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Beloved!

Today is Kyle's birthday! Yup, just a mere 2 days before Will's big day. So, today, I'd like to enumerate 10 things I love about my husband!

1) He's hilarious! Really! I grew up in one of the funniest families on the planet (we're in the Guinness Book of World Records -- go check!) and it takes some real talent to make me laugh every day. Kyle has done just that every day for the last 22 years. Partly, he's so good at it because he's my best friend, and knows better than anyone else does, but still, it's a stupendous feat!

2) Kyle is a romantic. I'm not a PDA-type, but Kyle has always known that holding my hand (especially when we're praying after Communion) is a gesture that communicates a lot about where his heart and mind are at the moment. He writes me an email every day talking only about us, just to let me know he's thinking of me even during the midst of his hectic day.

3) Kyle is a protector. Not OVER-protective, just the right-amount-protective. The first date we went on, he had to make a fast stop at an intersection where another car was running a red light. Instinctively, Kyle put his right hand in front of me to keep me from hurling forward. My dad had always done that, and he sets the bar when it comes to protectiveness. That's the day I knew Kyle was a keeper. From that day forward, he has sacrificed everything to keep me, our marriage, and our family safe.

4) Kyle is handsome. Period.

5) Kyle is practical. We both tend towards the practical side, but occasionally, I fall off the Practical Wagon, and do something cuh-RAY-zee. He is always there, calmly reminding me of what makes sense. Which brings me to...

6) Kyle is unflappable. In every sense and definition of the word. Believe me, I have tried to shake his calm resolve, and have only been able to crack it twice in 22 years. Do you know how reassuring (and aggravating?!) that is?

7) Kyle is gentle. It takes an extremely secure man to consistently exhibit the gentle part of his nature, while still remaining strong. THAT is Kyle. I have seen him discipline our kids a gazillion times, and he always reminds me of St. Joseph: loving, gentle, but firm.

8) Kyle is talented. He loves to woodwork, and has built us many gorgeous pieces of furniture over the years. He's also a master griller of meats and veggies. If the zombies ever attack, I'm sticking with him. Unless he becomes a zombie, then the vows are invalidated. I checked.

9) Kyle is (gulp) frugal. There, I said it. There are many times I curse his frugality and label it "stinginess", but he always keeps the wolf from our door and panic from my heart. Plus, being married to me makes it extra-challenging! He works hard to support our large family and really understands the value of every penny, so he budgets us carefully to make sure we have all we need and a lot of what we want. I hardly ever give him credit for that, but I'm doing it today.

10) Kyle is holy. Not just "go to Mass on Sunday and say grace before meals" holy, he's WHOLLY holy. He exemplifies Christ's teachings in small and big ways, in both his business and personal lives. He shows our children than if you want to be good and successful at LIFE, then, you pray -- always and in all things. He truly believes that God loves him and he loyally loves God right back. He teaches me so much about the loving acceptance of God the Father, and I know it's communicated to our kids in a very real way, too.

Happy Birthday, my love and my best friend! Your children and I honor you, bless you, and love you!


  1. What a sweet way to honor your husband. I am just beginning to understand what a real marriage is supposed to look like. It's so beautiful to hear you talk about your best friend, the man you adore!

    1. Thanks, Noelle! I feel very blessed! I'm glad you're finding it to be everything you dreamed it would be!

  2. Awesome for an awesome dude! Thanks!

  3. MK! I love love love this post! I love reading your blog during this Lenten season. It's so neat to learn more about you. I am learning so much from you!! Grace and peace to your husband on his day (and all of you)!