Friday, March 7, 2014

7 QTs: Lent, 12 Angry Men (almost!), God Eats Chips, & Uptight FirstGraders

Joining Jen again!

1) It's the first Friday of Lent! Who's excited?!? 
Yeah, me neither. It says a lot about my current attitude that by dinner time on Ash Wednesday, I was asking "Is Lent over yet?".
Hopefully, I'll get with the groove soon...or, the Holy Spirit will have to kick me into gear.

2) This week, my kids' grade school took their standardized tests. Since this is a Montessori school, this is the only testing they do all year. I think it must exhaust the teachers and the students, because both Jack's and Eamon's teachers declared today a Pajama Party Day. 
Jack was all over that action, while Eamon was horrified. 

He's a little buttoned up.

Kyle offered him a tie.

3) Maeve was accepted to her first choice of high schools. She was accepted into their International Baccalaureate program (basically, all honors) which is impressive. Well, until you find out that all those girls are required to take 6 weeks of summer school to prepare for the rigorous classes at additional expense. This is over and above the 4 weeks of volleyball camp she has to take in order to have a good shot at making their team. Joe told her, "your school is the worst.". Brothers are so kind.

4) As Kyle, Maeve, and I were leaving the registration and uniform fitting appointment at her new school on Tuesday evening, I noticed how subdued Kyle seemed. (We had been nicely shuffled from table to table, writing checks for large sums of money at each one.) When I asked him if he was OK, he responded, "That was the least fun I've ever had for $900.". A-ha.

5) THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS! After going through the most horrifying security line in the world, sitting for 4.5 hours, and being interviewed by an assistant state's attorney who loudly exclaimed "DO YOU EVER SLEEP?!" when I told her my "job"
was being a mother to 7 kids, I was excused from Grand Jury service!! And, hallelujah, because, as another Asst. State's Attorney explained to us: it was a guaranteed 5 week service, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Seriously, who can do that?? So, if you think of it, please pray for the 16 people who were chosen to serve, as well as the 8 alternate jurors.

6) As I sat there in the "jury waiting room" -- after praying my Rosary and desperately begging for prayers on via text and Facebook -- I practiced one of my favorite hobbies: people-watching. Human beings are fascinating, odd, gross, beautiful, snooty, tired (I'm looking at YOU, Mr. Snoring Loudly), and anxious. It occurred to me once again that we are ALL created in the image and likeness of God. As to why God would continue to pour the microscopic pieces of potato chips into his mouth from his chip bag, is something you will have to ask him. 

7) Are you joining in the 40 Bags, 40
days Challenge? How's it going? Have you hit any stumbling blocks or found buried treasure yet? I'm doing pretty well (7 bags already!), but am once again horrified at the realization that so many of my kids are hoarders. Here's hoping that the Good Lord sees fit to take me before my kids appear on this show:


  1. My first comment to my husband on Thursday morning was, "Well, that was fun. Lent is over now, right?"

    1. Oh my golly, right?!?! Maybe because it's so late this year?

  2. Glad you were able to be excused from jury duty. And, wow, 5 weeks of service 5 days a week, it seems like only retired people would realy be able to swing that.

    And's hard. I do think the lateness of it is a factor, especially since we're having the longest, coldest, snowiest winter ever!

  3. I was wondering why I haven't been getting your posts on my stupid Wordpress, it's cuz I hadn't subscribed- Duh. And, it seems like you have been busy. What? busy with 7 kiddos? That's just crazy. I hope your lent is going well. But Ive thought of you often and wanted to give you a giant hug for inspiring me to GET THIS HOUSE IN ORDER!!! - Oh mah good gracious, my MIL is coming NEXT MONDAY and I'm starting to freak a little. Every time I get daunted I think, okay, MK can do it, like a Boss, I can too. So, laundry room is much less a trainwreck/fire hazard today than it was last week and kid #1 had the forethought to barf over his entire room which always puts mom into "Well, I really did need to get this room done, didn't I?" kinda mindframe, so, that's done. Today I'm taking your list suggestion. There's only like 2 more weeks of this Lent and I have finally hit my 2nd Trimester energy- thank you little baby Jesus- What a great idea. I really shine with lists. They make me feel so danged accomplished.
    So, hugs, and super so glad you got out of impossible jury duty. Terrified.