Saturday, March 1, 2014

7in7: My Baby

Joining Jen for the homestretch...

Today, my baby boy is two. Well, if it were February 29 he would be two, but we are celebrating today.

Two years ago, the baby we thought we would never have, came into our lives and blessed us immediately.

Two years ago, I was more scared than I ever have been in my life. But, that 8 week premature baby showed me what fearlessness and strength looked like.

Two years ago, I learned how to be a mother in a much different way.

Two years ago, my baby showed the doctors and nurses what a miracle looks like.

Today, my baby teases his big sister.

Today, my baby can eat his weight in bacon and red meat.

Today, my husband and I marvel at how far this child has come.

Today, we thank God for all 7 of our blessings here on earth. 


  1. Oh oh oh. He is a heart-breaker! Happy Birthday to this miraculous blessing!