Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5 Favorite Things

Linking up with Hallie (and Jen!) for some 5 favorite things fun!

1) These comfort ballet flats from Payless are deeeevine! I love the look of flats, but my high-arched, wide feet do not like the feel of them. Yesterday, I wore my navy pair for the entire day and my dogs weren't barking at bedtime. Winning!

2) Baggallini purses! This is the bestest "mom" item in the history of ever. I learned about them a couple of years ago when I was planning our trip to Heaven, I mean, Disney World. They are a magical combination of purse, wallet, diaper bag, sanity saver all rolled into one stylish organizational bag! (The shoulder strap is made of seatbelt material, which is an added safety feature if you plan on being mugged.) My bag is about 7"x 11" and I can fill it with my drivers' license, 2 credit cards, 9 insurance ID cards, 5 store-savings cards, cash, my phone, 8 band aids, 2 diapers, travel wipes, 1 change of the baby's clothes, checkbook, pen, lip gloss, and a hairbrush. It barely looks full from the outside AND it's still totally organized on the inside! Take my advice, and don't pay full (or Amazon!) price; Marshall's and TJMaxx almost always have these for 1/2 price or less and Zulily occasionally runs 40-60% off sales on this brand.

3) My beloved Keurig (or, Cure-ig. Whatevs.)! Four years ago, I received my first Keurig coffee maker as a decadent Christmas gift from my beloved. This past Christmas, he bought me the latest model so I could move the older one up to the lake house. This glorious machine is another mother-saver. I wake up, stumble downstairs, open the Keurig's top hatch, pop in a K-cup, select the largest size possible, place my mug on the tray, and 30 seconds later a piping hot cup of wake-up juice is in my hands. Need I say more? Oh! If you're a tea (or hot chocolate! Or hot cider!) lover, there's a K-cup for you, too!

4) This wine:

Gives me heartburn, but so what?

5) The Betsy-Tacy series. It's been my favorite since I was 10 and it remains in that esteemed category. Now, if I could just get 1 of my girls to love it like I do, we could go on the Betsy-Tacy summer conference tour!


  1. Ahhhhhhh!!!!! You're a moscato drinker?!?!?! How has this never come to light yet?

    1. I have really bad and cheap taste in vino. The lighter and sweeter, the more I like it. I can (and will!) drink crisper, drier reds, but I don't love them.

  2. I love me some sweet wines too! Have you tried Red Moscato (Barefoot makes it)?

    OK, so we have a Keurig that we barely use because it makes like 1/2 the amount of coffee that we need. So then we need two K cups each and feel like we are wasting money. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the tip on the purses - I will have to look for those...

    1. I haven't tried the Red Moscato -- but now I must!!

      Buy the bigger Keurig! My new one has a travel mug size! And, a larger water reservoir! I've never been so excited in my life! And, it came with the reusable K-cup thingy, so we can use ordinary grounds instead of disposable K-cups.

      Thanks, Colleen!

    2. So I'm not a Keurig expert (I just got mine a few weeks ago for my birthday), but have you tried doing two cups of coffee on one K cup?

      I'm only suggesting this because I was complaining to a friend yesterday about how I can't find a K cup that makes my coffee how I want it, every one I try makes way too strong a cup. She suggested running water through the same K Cup twice (why hadn't I thought of that)? I tried it, throwing away the first cup of coffee, but the second cup was just as strong as the first. So that might work for your far as mine goes, I think I'll try getting one of those reusable filters and try my own coffee and see if I can get it weak enough for my "cream & sugar with a side of coffee" tastes.

    3. Cost-wise, the cheapest is te reusable k-cup, but it's a bit of a pain to keep cleaning out the grounds over and over again.

      If you just want a weaker brew, I would suggest looking at a breakfast blend. Green Mountain makes a great one, as does Caribou. Costco sells a box of 100 Kirkland Breakfast Blend K-Cups for $37.99 ($.38/cup) and its made by Green Mountain!