Thursday, April 18, 2013

Theme Thursday: Boys

It's been a really crazy week and today was particularly intense, but with 5 sons
there was no way I could pass up this theme!

Each pic is littlest brother Will with one of his older brothers. They are all such good, kind, nurturing boys and the love they have for their youngest sibling is obvious.
Equally apparent is the love Will has for each of his heroes. They are so blessed to have one another and I am so honored to be their Ma, Mom, Mommy, Mama! Love you, my sweet boys!

When you're finished being amazed by my
always perfect photog skills, take a gander at the rest of the collection at Cari's!


  1. How blessed you are with these handsome boys! Thank goodness for moms like you raising good ones!

    We have dimples, too, and I lovey love them!

    1. Thank you, Micaela!
      Aren't dimples the best?! Another genetic component for which I have my husband to thank!

  2. Hey, did you manage to get all of them? You got skillz!

    1. Yes, but not all together and these are over the last 6 months.
      Maybe I just have skillS....