Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fiona's 7th Heavenly Birthday

Today, our Fiona May would be 7 years old.

Today, this is the 7th birthday she is celebrating with God, His Blessed Mother, and all His angels and saints.

I can't think of a better guest list!

She shares her Heavenly birthday with Blessed John Paul II the Great. For 7 years, that has been a wonderful source of comfort for me.

Another source of comfort has been knowing that she is buried with my maternal grandparents.

Please ask our little saint to intercede for you today!

St. Fiona, Pray for Us!


  1. God Bless little angel! Happy Birthday.

  2. MK: I lost two babies during pregnancies - the first one was my first pregnancy. Six years later, my husband's life was spared - barely - in a terror attack. He came within minutes of losing his life. A friend suggested to me that the baby had guarded my husband that terrible day so he could go on to father more children. A comforting thought. May Fiona comfort and protect your loved ones today and always.

    1. That's a beautiful and powerful thought. I'm so sorry for your losses. Thank you for sharing all of that. :)