Saturday, March 9, 2013

5 Dang Things!

The lovely and talented Dwija tagged me in this fun new blogging game all the kids are playing! (Do I sound sufficiently enthusiastic? I do? Good! Cuz I loves talking about MEEEEEE!)

As far as I can ascertain, this game involves sharing 5 little known facts about yourself. I have 2 problems here: a) I am open and honest to an annoying fault, and b) that only leaves me with little known facts that seem absolutely filthy when put in print.

So, this will take some thinking.....

1) When I was little, I had an imaginary friend named Jean. Jean existed for the sole purpose of being my scapegoat. Either my parents were extremely slow to catch on, or they were just grateful I had a playmate, because they believed every single story I told them about her.

2) I took ballet lessons for 7.5 years; from age 3 to age 10.5. I stopped because my the ballet school I attended wanted me to "be more committed" (translation: take daily lessons) and I overheard my father telling my mother that if I continued, I'd have HUGE "dancer's legs". Ain't nobody got time for that!Jessica likes that story.

3) Until the age of 18, I was extremely hyperactive. Had I been born 20 years later, I'm sure there would have been talk of Ritalin.

4) I am mean. I fight dirty. I have a true redhead's temper. Just ask my brothers, Peg Leg Pete and One-Eyed Bart.

5) It bothers me when people don't like me. Even if those people are morons. I loved to be loved! In truth, you have to really cross the line before I don't give a $hit what you think and then I go all #4 on yo' a$$.                                                                                                  
5-a) I cuss like a drunken sailor.

And, now for the really difficult part: choosing 5 people to tag! Everybody's already been tagged, so if I tag you and you've already done it again! Come up with 5 more things!

My tag-ees:

MicaelaKatieTracyESuzette, and Kyle!


  1. Huge dancer's legs! Hahahahahaha! That is terrible and awesome.

    1. And, it was all I needed to convince me to quit!

  2. I totally can't stand when people don't like me...I mean, don't hate, appreciate peeps! Since middle school I have tried to let that not bother me but it always creeeeeeps up!
    Thanks for tagging yours truly!! :D

  3. Ah, the pressure!!!! Of course, now I am suffering with insomnia....soooooooooo, guess I'll get to work ;-)

  4. 'Tis done.....

  5. I got here from 7QT, and enjoyed reading some posts. Then I got to the end and saw your least favorite comments and questions. Fantastic! I've gotten every one of those comments, but never have a quick answer ready. May I quote you?

    1. Feel free! Some of those are answers I borrowed from good friends!