Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes: They're Schnozzzing!

1) This week has been a doozy. A DOOZY, I tell you! We have all been dealing with the Mother of All Head Colds. In 2 of the kids, it caused ear infections, while it developed into a sinus infection in one of my teens. And, 2 of us also have bacterial conjunctivitis! We are currently living on nose drops, Robitussin, amoxicillin, and fumes from the vaporizer. Also, I believe I am now permanently covered with a sheen of baby snot. It's shnozzing (combination of sheen and snot and schnoze. See what I did there?!) I am a human Kleenex.

2) The above QT begs the question: what does your doctor call the person at the pharmacy who fills your prescriptions? Our saintly physician calls that person a "druggist". As in, "have your druggist call me to obtain the script.". Kyle loves to repeat it back to him ("so, i should have my druggist call you?") while I stifle my giggles. We may grow up one day. Maybe. One day. Just for a day.

3) Last week, I had muy fun shopping for things for the kids' Easter baskets at my new favorite toy store! Killian came along and found these awesome color-changing spherical tossing objects (I just can't say "balls"). A couple of my boys will be very happy when they see these on Easter morning.

4) What's your favorite Easter candy? Mine are (in correct eating order): yellow jelly beans, chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs, solid chocolate bunnies, and Cadbury creme eggs.

5) Holy Week is upon us! Since childhood, I have always loved Holy Week. The drama, the additional participation required of the laity, the incense, the sense of impending joy! Man, the Catholics know how to make a big deal out of a big deal! I LOVE IT!

6) For the second year in a row, we will be heading up to our lake house for Easter. Mass, baskets, and brunch in the morning, followed by our neighbors' enormous Easter egg hunt in the afternoon, completed by the most delicious prime rib dinner at the sweet restaurant across the lake. Pretty perfect.

7) Emergency! I am running out of shows on my Netflix queue! We've watched and rewatched Foyle's War, Arrested Development, Magnum P.I., Sherlock, Parks and Rec, and The Office. Any great (or, moderately good) shows out there? Leave your suggestions in the combox, por favor!

Now, go see Jen!


  1. Tossing objects? Hahahahaha! I, and everyone in my house, can't help but smile when someone says "balls". Why grow up?
    Your Easter sounds wonderful. Yes, Catholics know how to do up a big event.
    We very much enjoy the show "The Middle". I don't have a clue if it's on Netflix.

    1. Haha!

      I do love The Middle, but it's not on Netflix.
      I try to catch it when it's on regularly, though. I know HuluPlus has it, but we gave up that subscription because I was the only one who ever watched anything on it and usually only (you guessed it!) The Middle. (Hello, run on sentence!)

      Hoppy Easter!

  2. Replies
    1. There are Twix eggs?! Why do I not know about this?!

  3. I have the same Easter candy list...minus the yellow jellybeans plus PEEPS! Try Burn Notice or White Collar or In Plain Sight. P and I have liked all of those. And most of them are kid friendly. Psych, too, very funny.

    1. Peeps are a delicacy, not a candy. Therefore, they have their own list. I even have a preferred way to eat them.
      Ok, I have Burn Notice and Psych queued up, but now I'll add White Collar and In Plain Sight! Thanks!

  4. Breaking Bad. Awesomest show ever. Antihero etc.

    1. My brother loves that show! Added to queue; thanks!