Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes: I Need A Vacation

1) This week has been filled with fun adventures in injury and illness! So! Much! Fun!

2) Part of QT 1 is a lie. I'll let you guess which part....

3) Not fun: last Friday, my oldest dislocated his right shoulder playing basketball. Then, dislocated it 2 more times. My husband took him to the ER, where they gave him an immobilizer and some pain medication, with directions to follow up with our doctor. Fast forward to yesterday and our appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who is 99% sure Killian needs surgery, but ordered an MRI to get that 100% they like to see before they slice you open. Spring Break isn't looking like too much fun. Unless, he shares the pain meds....

4) Will has a nasty cold, which morphed into an earache and conjunctivitis. Soooooo, instead of his 1 year Well Baby check, last night he had his 1 year Sick Baby check. The good news? Since December, he's gained FIVE pounds! Preemie no more!

5) My pre-K through 7th grade kids had a day off on Monday for Casimir Pulaski Day. I hate him. Learn more about him, if you like, but all I need to know is that he's a child's hero and a mother's worst enemy.

6) On Tuesday, all the dang kids were home for a snow day. I'm blaming Pulaski for that, too. Because, what's he gonna do about it? Institute Casimir Pulaski Day II?

7) Tonight is Elvis Night at our favorite local parish fish fry! They also have wine and beer! It's the nearest thing to a vacation that I'm going to see for a long time.

I believe Jen has a few more things to say....


  1. #5 and #6 = hilarious. I LOVED that man as a schoolgirl, even though all I knew about him was that because there are so many Polish people in Chicago the whole state got the day off work. :) In central IL we don't care about him any more, though, and school is still in session.

    1. It's TOTALLY a Cook County holiday, isn't it?

  2. UGH and double UGH on the sicko and hurto kiddos. BLAH! :-(
    At least you finished a great note, Elvis, fish and alcohol......
    happy weekend!!

    1. TGIF, indeed!!!

      Have a great weekend, Tracy!!!! :)