Sunday, March 24, 2013

{wiws} Palm Sunday

Once again, privileged to join the gorgeous gals over at FLAP for another Sunday of Faith and Fashion!

We attended the Saturday night vigil, because Joe was scheduled as an altar server. You would think this would have given me a little extra time to plan out and execute a stellar outfit. Alas, no. Procrastination, thy name is Mary Kate.

Here's what I do got for you (say it like Joe Pesci; it'll make more sense):

Thanks to Jessica for complimenting me on my "stripey" tights. ;) 

I love that scarf, but haven't been able to figure out a good way to wear it. So, I quickly messaged my fashion consultants (pretty  fine  ladies) and was advised to try tucking in the fringe.

Ready to eat lobster! (Knees-on-Chair belong to my son, Jack)
I liked it better, but it felt like a bib. But, I was out of time! So, on the way to church, I twisted the scarf so it was bit more narrow, tucked in the fringe, and it liked it much more! Of course, I didn't think to snap a picture of that (herding small children through a church parking lot tends to distract me).

Instead, I have a couple of pictures of some models with jealousy issues....

My Outfit brought to you by:

The Gap (shirt)
Macy's (Skirt)
Old Navy (Leggings)
Boots (Target)
Scarf (My Mama!)

Don't forget to go git you some new glasses!

Have a blessed Holy Week and a Happy (?) Palm Sunday with a little help from Sr. Helena Burns!


  1. I thought they were striped boots! And I was like, MK and Cari are rocking stylish boots this week :-)

    1. Haha! I could NEVER compete with Cari's boots!

  2. Cute! The scarf is great; somewhere out there is a great, short video with 25 wasy to wear a scarf. It's awesome!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to have to look for that video; I am not creative when it comes to things like that. At all.

  3. I bow to your scarf. I've been too scared to do a fashion scarf in public. Isn't that so sad?