Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 Bags, 40 Days Challenge

I learned about this challenge over at Faith & Family Live a couple of years ago and have wanted to incorporate into my Lenten sacrifices ever since. This is the year!

What is the "40 Bags, 40 Days Challenge"? Basically, for each day in Lent (Sundays don't count!), you commit to throwing out/donating 1 bag of items you don't want/use/need anymore. In essence, a physical 40 day purge of your household. Added bonus? Your Spring Cleaning will be finished by the time Easter arrives!

I've divided my home into 40 areas (because I am a list-maker!) so that I have a definitive plan-of-attack every day. I've posted my list below, if you'd like to get an idea of how I'm attempting to tackle this challenge. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay on track and not transfer some of my mess from one area to another!

In addition to the "40 Bags", I'm also giving up Facebook for Lent for the 3rd year in a row. And, every Easter I wonder why I'm going back to that time-waster... Maybe this will be the year where I also learn how to temper my excessive need to use Facebook as a way to avoid household chores. Maybe not.

So, what are you doing for Lent this year? Giving up sweets? Saying a few extra prayers every day? In the past, what has helped you get into the true Lenten spirit? Is your family participating as a group, or is it "every man for himself"?

Here's to a blessed and beneficial Lent for all of us!

My 40 Day List:

1) "Phonebook Cabinet"
2) Book Cabinet in dining room
3) Lunchbox cabinet & 1st Aid Cabinet
4) Front hall coat closet
5) Girls' Dresser and changing table
6) Medicine cabinet and 1st floor bathroom sink cabinet
7) Medicine cabinet in kitchen & spice cabinet
8) Play-doh/plastic bag cabinet
9) Big boys' closet & dressers
10) Little boys' closet
11) All hanging clothing in basement
12) Front hall junk closet
13) Large wall cabinet in kitchen
14) Junk drawer and "lids" drawer
15) Little boys' dressers
16) Toy cabinets in dining room
17) Toys/arts-n-crafts in girls' room.
18) Gift card & battery cabinet
19) Glassware cabinet
20) Clothing bins
21) White cabinet in Master bedroom
22) Jewelry box
23) China cabinet drawer
24) Toy bins in basement
25) Toy bins in basement, part deux
26) Big drawers (lids, etc) in kitchen
27) Entertainment center
28) Laundry room shelf
29) Basement fridge and deep-freeze
30) Kitchen fridge
31) Food cabinets
32) Kyle's dresser
33) My dresser
34) Downstairs bathroom closet & sink
35) DVD collection
36) Linen closet
37) Holiday shelves
38) TV area in basement
39) Dining room table/computer desk
40) "Store" in basement


  1. I will miss you on FB, my friend! I hope you blog often so I can check in with you.

    Thanks for your words last night.


  2. Not a problem! We all need to hold each other up, don't we? Hope things are going a bit more smoothly today. Hugs!

  3. We'd love to see a photo journal of before and after pictures from the 40 days!

  4. Good idea! I'll start tomorrow. But, just so you know: you LIVE in the before and after. Lucky you!