Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You don't even want to know...

March just keeps getting crazier and crazier around here. I am thinking that God really wants me to have a penitential Lent. I hear you, Lord! You can take a break for April, OK? Maybe a little one?

Anyway, I'm just going to post some of my 40 Bags, 40 Days pics, and then go back to more purging while I comfort a 16 month old who has a double ear infection AND a badly sprained ankle (possibly a "hidden" fracture).

This is our "Big Cabinet" in the kitchen, which previously collected small appliances, and odd paperwork, and an old calculator (?), etc. In the "before" shot, you can see all of the junk wonderful treasures on the counter below. After I cleared it all out and threw away a whole boatload of weirdness, I decided to think about how to better organize our kitchen so we can maximize efficiency (ha!). With that in mind, I decided to make this Big Cabinet our cups/glasses cabinet and also store our blender there.

So, what happened to the cabinet that previously housed the cups?

It is now our "breakfast cabinet"! I put all of the cereal, bowls, mugs, k-cups (for my beloved Keurig!), sugar bowl, creamers, and tea in this cabinet. So, for the majority of family members, this means going to only one cabinet in the morning and the fridge to fetch the milk and half-&-half. Easy-peasy! I'm a GENIUS!

And, here is my OTHER cookbook cabinet! I have a lot of cookbooks, and I really do use most of them on a regular basis, so it's nice to have the space to see them all clearly.

OK, now I'm going back to play nursemaid to my brood. Did I mention that 4 of them have Spring Break this week? This is after most of them were sick all of last week and when I picked up the 2 "un-sick" ones on Friday, the teacher said, "Have a wonderful Spring Break!". I did a perfect imitation of a deer in headlights, thinking "WHUCK the WHUCK?!? I didn't know it was Spring Break!". But, it is.


  1. I'm so sorry it's so crazy for you right now. It seems that it always hits at once, huh? And playing nursemaid to your babies is the most important thing you can do with your day.

    Hang in there and remember that the rest of us aren't on the couch watching Oprah and eating ice cream either! xoxo

  2. Thanks, Noelle. I needed to hear it. You know how it can be when you over-commit yourself to, well, yourself. You just can't forgive yourself for not measuring up or for "failing". Apparently, I need others' permission to forgive myself. You win!

    And, what do you mean you're not lazing about???? LOL

  3. "WHUCK the WHUCK?!?!" Hahaha!

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog, Mary Kate. Glad I could entertain :)

    I would probably also forget about spring break if my two older ones weren't all "I can't wait for spring break. It's only insert number of hours here away. It's gonna be so great! What are we gonna do? Can we go somewhere? ALL of my friends are going somewhere. Like Florida maybe?" AAAAAAHHHHHH!

  4. LOL LOVE your blog AND ThatDonkeyGuy!

    Usually my kids keep me totally on top of all their days off, but (in my defense! lol) they were all sick the entire week AND with my oldest being in High School and on a completely different schedule, there is no way I can keep it all in my mind. Heck, I have to remember important things like, "Do advil and beer have a bad interaction?" and "Don't forget to pay the library it's overdue fines from 4 years ago or you can't send the kids there to hang out all summer long!". Like I said... IM.POR.TANT. ;-)