Friday, March 11, 2011

Days 3 & 4 (Did 2 in 1 day!)

Let me preface these "before/after" pictures by acknowledging the fact that our 1st floor bathroom is horrifying. Horrifying in style (a mixture of the original 1920s bungalow/1950s salmon pink/mid-80s blech/early 2000s HELP!). Horrifying in condition. Horrifying in size. Horrifying in all ways. That said, we do realize this fact, and keep it very clean (or try to!). That seems to be our compromise until we can afford to rip it to shreds and make it gorgeous. In our defense, 4 years ago we had a 2nd bathroom put into our basement and it is GORGEOUS! Of course, the basement surrounding it is unfinished and, well, horrifying...

OK, ENOUGH of that! Today, I did 2 days from the list (not in order) because we will be out of town tomorrow -- the lunchbox cabinet & first-aid cabinet and the medicine cabinet & bathroom sink cabinet.

Lunchbox cabinet-Before

Lunchbox cabinet-After

First Aid Cabinet-Before

First Aid Cabinet-After

Under sink-Before

Under Sink-After

Medicine Cabinet-Before

Medicine Cabinet-After


  1. You are awesome! Now I'm going to take a nap....

  2. Aw, thanks! You're not too shabby yourself! Next time, take a 2nd nap for me!! ;-)