Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 5

Here are yesterday's pictures from the 40 Bags Challenge. We (my 2 daughters & I) worked in the girls' room, specifically on the changing table and their dresser. We purged SO many clothes and baby blankets (little sob from Mommy). Of course, I realized that the day I have to go through all the clothing bins in the basement will be even more work now, but it's all worth it!

Here are the before/afters of the changing table:

The before/after pics of the dresser are not too dramatic, as most of the work occurred inside the drawers and, for some reason, the pics don't tell the story very well. Here you go:

All tolled, we got rid of 1 bag of trash and packed away 2 garbage bags full of clothing. Whew! Now, I have to start on today's Challenge..... More later!

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  1. Thanks for the really nice comment on my blog! It really means alot. I know I need to trust in the Lord, but I think the practice of actually saying the Divine Mercy ejaculation will help me stay focused on that-Thanks. I am so sorry about your loss of your baby girl. As hard and sad as a loss of a baby is when I read your comment it gives me happiness and hope. To read that another large Catholic family experienced tragedy(more than one) but moved forward with faith and courage is inspiring.