Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favorites: FUN-NESS!

Joining Grace this week because the undaunted Hallie is taking a trip with her 3 youngest...

1) Holyfreakingmoly! Have you guys seen this:

I just love how Jimmy Fallon seems to have the same "you know what would be cool?" thoughts that I have and then makes them happen.

2) (You're still singing the Full House theme song, aren't you?) Dempsey Summer Birthday season wrapped up yesterday (too much cake) with Maeve's 13th birthday. One of her gifts was a spa package to this new salon geared towards tween and teen girls. Honestly, if they do it right, it could be a really great way for girls to feel pampered and special without being made to look like 20-somethings ready for a night of clubbing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

3) My Birchbox arrived! After I read Jessica's description of this awesome service, I signed right on up! Then.... Jessica went and gifted me a subscription as a "welcome to the Fabulous Forties!" gift! (side note: she is a truly thoughtful and awesome friend!) In this month's box I received a perfume sample (nice, but wears off quickly), a funky neon nail polish (actually made me look a little tan!), a shaving cream sample that is the bomb-diggety (I will be purchasing the full size), a moisturizer (jury's still out), and a hair powder (still haven't tried it). Truthfully, I have t even made it 1/3 of the way through their website's product listings, and I'm already impressed at their variety. Best part? You receive a little pick-me-up in the mail every month. That alone is worth $10/month!

4) Getting ready to paint my bedroom furniture! Last summer, I bought a dining set (table and 8 chairs) off of Craiglist, and followed this righteous Tutorial and painted it black.
I also painted that icebox cabinet you can see in the background, as well as a hope chest. We had a brand new dining room set and an entryway bench for the low, low price of $230.

So, this summer I have to paint my dresser and our 2 nightstands a shabby-chic white. We'll see how that goes, as I've never tried white before. I really enjoy transforming things around our house -- even if it means the rest of the house gets neglected for a couple of days!

5) I'm not finding a lot of time to read any great new books, but Jessica's new Linkup is sure to remedy that problem. Go check it out!


  1. I have been reading a great book recently. It is called "Dora love Boots" and it is about an adorable little girl and her pet monkey. I won't spoil it for you but let's just say there are maps, backpacks, and all kinds of great adventures.

    1. Yeah, that book needs to be returned. Pronto.

  2. Oh my gosh. When husbands comment on their wives blogs, it absolutely makes my day. Well, mostly. I can think of a couple times when it's just creepy. But generally speaking, it's charming.

    1. Oh, Kyle can be creepy, too. Please don't ask him to be creepy, Cari. Please.