Tuesday, July 16, 2013

MIM: Lemons!

Joining LoLa (Lovely Ladies!) for another edition of MIM. This week's mystery ingredient was Lemons!

Initially, I was going to make my sister Anne's famous Lemon Bar recipe, but the weather went insane and there was no way I was turning on the oven in 90 degree temps at Persian Gulf humidity levels in a house with no central a/c.
Basically, I was all about cracking open a canister of Country Time, adding some water, ice, and vodka and calling it a day.

Enter the ever-ready Jessica who emailed me this no-bake (we'll discuss what "no-bake" means a little later) recipe for an icebox lemon yogurt tart.

Issues I had in the prep and serving of this recipe:
-I don't own a tart pan.
-the grocery stores do not sell pre-baked tart shells
-the grocery stores DO sell unbaked pie shells, and you have to bake them at 400 for 10-12 min.
-ask any one of my kids what Mama is like when she has to preheat the oven to 400 in aforementioned weather conditions and then bake a pie shell for 12 minutes.
-the same weather conditions make it nearly impossible for the pie/tart filling to set up even in the fridge
-and, serving and eating the pie in these conditions has to be done at a lively pace.

You'll be glad to know that I survived, as did my kids and Kyle. 

And, this pie was absolutely divine! The tartness was PERFECT for this heat/humidity wave. I served it with a garnish of blueberries and a wreath of whipped cream (also, not cooperative in heat and humidity).
My parents gave me this lovely tea set for my birthday and I can't wait to use it!

I would highly recommend this dessert and even having to bake the crust was worth the sweaty cursing that abounded. 

(The recipe notes that you can eliminate any crust and serve as a custard in individual ramekins, but I never registered for such fancy thangs before my wedding ..back in the Middle Ages....)


  1. That pie looks store bought. Are you sure you made this? Do you have any photos of the actual prep.work?

    1. My mood should have answered any lingering questions you had about prep work, dear.

    2. I'm sure he'd offer to be president.

  2. Oh my gosh. YOU and I are totally the same when it comes to any sort of attention to the oven in this weather. I.just.can't. Looks delish, though and the tea set is lovely!

    1. Thank you! And, yes, I can't handle increasing the temperature even 1 degree when it's this hot. Even light from a table lamp makes me twitchy. ;)

  3. When I had it, it was in a store bought graham cracker crust. Sooowwwwy!

    1. No apologies! It was awesome! And Kyle and I
      both commented to each other how good it would be with graham cracker crust. I should have thought of it as I harrumphed my way through Dominick's.